Zero Discrimination Day


Do you feel like you have no where to go just because you are HIV Positive, or you feel like you have reached the bottom rock where you felt like your life is not making sense at all? Please read this throughout maybe this could save your life or someone else’s life.

I’m also HIV positive and what sustains me to conquer the world and those who are negative towards people who lives with the virus. Therefore, I’m not the Virus, and I live a healthy positive lifestyle to make sure I live longer on earth.

I wake up approximately at 3:00 am daily and read inspirational books to enrich my mind and to empower my thinking pattern exceedingly. I regard myself as an intellectual individual who can not allow to be limited by HIV positive status. I am human like anyone else. I want up in the morning and make up my bed and bath like anyone human being who lives on this planet earth. There is nothing which gives me more joy when I walk through to the mirror and see the true reflection of myself.

Wow God…!!!! You are an authentic creator and a skill masterpiece. Even though I’m HIV positive but I’m still handsome and I would smile alone and say, my God thanks so much for allowing me to know my status at a very young age. It is your grace that I’m still breathing while others had died in denial and ignorance.

Bear in mind ….

When people make fun of you and others acting as if they love you and hug warmly while they gossip about you behind your back. Don’t be scared and allow yourself to be imprisoned in their negative thinking, gossip and criticism. You should thank God that you know your status and unlike those who doesn’t even know their status.

However, you have a potential, dream, vision and goal. So never allow the world to stop you from achieving your dreams and goals because being HIV positive is not an excuse of achievement.

Your HIV status is not a limit but a new journey to start a positive living. My HIV status did not stop me from writing my own powerful inspirational autobiography and also publish it while incarcerated. You also have the power to unleash the potential locked down within yourself to become a productive leader.

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