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THE GOLDEN HEART GIVING OF THE 44                                 VICTIMS               HEY MY NAME KATO
The mother I grew up with, a Uganda in the east of Africa was that person who discriminated among people because there gender and pasonalities. Adding salt I a wound, we are killed like chicken and those organizations that try to come out to help us, are being raided.
Kato Jonathan is my name and am aged 19, am gay which I believe that I was born this way.Today am in this horable situation because of my personality and my decision that I made that am a gay man. It was that day that I will Never forget when my secret that I had kept for over ten years, in the closet and no one among the people close to me could suspect. But again a secret is like a body spray Even if u hide it, the moment you decide to spray everyone wi get to know. It was on the 31of may when we were raided by the police at the shelter of Happy family as we were holding a function or call it a gay wedding. We were so much frastreted, abused and provoked something that will never go off my heart and brain because it negatively affected me as a person .Tears always come out of my eyes when I remember that anial test the bittings , discriminations and toture that I faced during the duration in prison.I still have the challenge of discrimination from the society that’s why I find my self in isolation. I lost every one that I called a freind and family in life due to the linked videos . many of us fail to continue with studies not because that we don’t want schooling but the way we are treated I our own country.
 What hurts me most is my mom. When I ever I get to call her, she gives me that attitude that any one could not expect from a parent. I know everything has an end but I clearly lose all the hope in me, I don’t think I can connect with my family ever again.Provokation from the straight community really makes me uncomfortable and insecure . In that I just pray to God that I can live longer if possible.Being homeless is the worst situation I have ever faced in life. I do ask my self who to blem but I just have to regret why am gay which can’t change any thing.The situation am in now can’t be explained in a single day. I have to look for funds by my self so that I sertify my self with basic needs, food and also medical bills which I can’t hold any more , I can’t stand over by my self . It’s giving me hard time and mental problems. Most times I feel like i need a freind to share with what I pass through but no one to trust, no one to lean on but  no more of that in my life due to the negativity of my fellow Ugandans. I would love to go back to school but, and also start up a business but the limited resources in terms of finance.If I can get support financially so that I can start up a source of income or call it business that will sertify my basic needs, it will be my pleasure. We might be of different races but we belong to the same family, we were the same , I have no harm on the environment of uganda, being homalphobic isn’t the solution. Being gay is not a crime we also deserve the same rights as other people have. I will be greciously enobled if am put under your considerations. 
Join me on Sunday at happy family youth Uganda online meeting you will get know more about  me and the situation am passing throughFor more information contact me on  +256753133157Email    Happy Family Youth Uganda is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Golden Heart Giving For The 44 Victims Of Happy Family Youth Uganda Limited
Time: Aug 22, 2021 01:00 PM Africa/Kampala

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