KWETU Kampala Project

The KWETU consortium member organizations attended a two day project inception planning meeting at SS hotel Kikoni 23rd October 2020 and 24th October 2020.

Consortium Goal: Voice for the Key Populations (KPs) in the society fighting poverty and discrimination for 100 KP individuals in Kampala by 30 of June 2021.

Consortium Founded: 26th June 2019. Later, a board, meeting resolutions, and MOU were created to ensure effective implementation and holding all partners accountable.

Project Planning Objectives

  1. Capacity development of individual LGBTQ organizations into a common consortium and host the money for salaries, travel and meeting expenses, and office expenses. 
  2. Common platform and advocacy voice in society.
  3. Start transformation of self-help groups into working cooperatives.
  4. Prerequisites for vocational training and education for individuals.
  5. Communication plan in place.

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